About Brian

Michigan native Brian Bickel is a combat veteran of the Vietnam War, serving proudly as an active-duty member of the United States Marine Corps from 1968-1972.

After discharging honorably at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Brian served five years in the Naval Reserve, then joined the Army Reserve, from which he retired in 1998 as a Major.

Brian deployed to Panama for Operation Just Cause and to Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Storm, where he received the Bronze Star Medal for Meritorious Service. He was awarded the Joint Defense Commendation Medal while deployed to Bosnia for Operation Joint Guard.

Having interrupted his education to enlist, Brian enrolled at Cochise College’s Douglas Campus in 1972. The following year, he enrolled at the University of Arizona, graduating in 1976 with degrees in microbiology and medical technology.

Brian and his wife, Susan, a Douglas native, moved to Lubbock, TX, where he completed a clinical internship in Medical Technology. While working as a medical technologist, Brian completed a Master of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at Texas Tech University in 1979.

After working for 17 years as the director of a hospital clinical laboratory, Brian transitioned to a career in hospital administration. He and Susan moved to Barstow, CA, where he became the Assistant Chief Executive Officer of Barstow Community Hospital. For the next sixteen years, Brian served as Chief Executive Officer at hospitals around the country, wrapping up his career as CEO at Southeast Arizona Medical Center in Douglas.

Returning to Tucson in 2013, Brian got involved in local politics. He ran for Pima County Supervisor as a Democrat, losing a close race in a Republican district.

The Bickels have a son, Elliott, who with his wife, Melissa, and sons Matthew and Cody, live in Amarillo, TX. Rounding out the family: the Bickels’ rescue dogs, Bob and Coco.

Brian is firmly committed to the core values of opportunity, fairness and security for all Pima County residents. He serves on the Pima County Election Integrity Commission as Chair, on the Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce Foundation Board, and the Clinica Amistad Board. He is the treasurer of the Foothills Clusters Home Owners Association, the treasurer of Legislative District 9 Democrats and is the president of Democrats of Greater Tucson.

As the Pima County Treasurer, he will work diligently to bring clarity, transparency and fiscal responsibility to the office.

Why I’m Running


I’m in the Pima County Treasurer race because taxpayers want and need accountability from their government. Arizona spends billions of your tax dollars, and you have the right to know what the state is doing with your money.

As treasurer, I would implement a program for the county similar to, which former Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin started. This allows anyone to get on the Internet for daily status updates and monthly comparisons of funds available to pay for essential services. It’s easy and transparent.

Also, it’s time to put “service” back into public service, just because a request is not relevant to the treasurer’s office doesn’t mean it gets ignored. Navigating the morass of the government bureaucracy can be challenging.

Let’s help people through the “minefield” and relieve some stress.

I believe that much can be done to ease the financial burden on the county’s economically disadvantaged residents. Many are being forced out of their homes due to rising property values. I believe that we can implement a public banking function to help longtime residents stay in their homes. Something like a reverse mortgage, but instead of providing income it would mitigate the rising tax burden until the owner dies or sells the property.

Lastly, I believe that all elected official have an obligation to make themselves available to their constituency as much as possible, and to educate the electorate on their offices’ roles in county government.